Montag, 8. September 2014


Some of my scetches I did during the last year or so. Contains some nude studies (though nothing too graphic) hence the mature content.

It was actually quite fun to go back and look at my old scetchbook and watch the progress :D It's just one of those things where you think you don't make any progress (or maybe that's just me) and then you look at your old sctechbook/studies/doodles/whatever and realise how far you've come :)

Maybe I don't really notice it because I don't draw to become better (that is just a side effect), I draw and paint because I have the urge... It just puts me at ease and I can let go of things. And there is that creativity that needs to get out of me :P

During the last months I tried to not care what the endresult looks like and just enjoy the process. And that is (for me at least) the most satisfying descision I've ever made.

Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Caterpillar Stitch and leather journal

Photoshop has decided to crash AGAIN but I was persistent. Not sure what the problem was, maybe it doesn't like books :P

Those are my latest books. The first two were birthday presents and the last one is still in my possession.

This was my first attempt at a Caterpillar Stitch combined with a regular Coptic Stitch. It worked out quite nicely (thanks to some YouTube tutorials).
Underneath the caterpillar is a fiber paste, whicht I then painted on with water colour and acrylics.

This is my first leather journal! I'm so happy :D We found a ton of leather at home, so that was a perfect opportunity. I tore each paper by hand to give the paper a Deckle Edge (I didn't have hand-made paper) and I quite like the result.
The edge of the leather was already like that and I decided to leave it like that.

Dienstag, 5. August 2014

New books!

I have a few new(ish) books! They are actually a few months old, but I was too lazy to put the photos together D:
...Anyway, those two are mine and I mainly use them for painting and sketching. I put quite heavy paper in them, especially the one with the ribbon because I hate it when my drawings show on the other side of the paper.

There are two more books coming up which I gave as birthday presents to family and friends, but Photoshop decided to crash on me while I was editing them and it didn't save them... :/ We'll try again another day!

This one has a magnetic closure (a bit like those beautiful Paperblanks) which I designed myself. I was so happy when it actually worked! It was a lot of experimenting, which is why it wasn't planned as a gift and now it has grown on me, so it is mine ;)

That one was planned as a smaller sketchbook - A5 instead of my Skyrim (A4) one. On the cover insides I put pages from a old French novel (courtesy of my mom) with a small pocket at the back. I put a handmade bookmark in it because I want to find my latest sketch without having to leaf through the entire book.

Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Mountain Pass

I know it's been a while... I have some quick doodles but I'm not sure if I want to post them. We'll see!