Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Caterpillar Stitch and leather journal

Photoshop has decided to crash AGAIN but I was persistent. Not sure what the problem was, maybe it doesn't like books :P

Those are my latest books. The first two were birthday presents and the last one is still in my possession.

This was my first attempt at a Caterpillar Stitch combined with a regular Coptic Stitch. It worked out quite nicely (thanks to some YouTube tutorials).
Underneath the caterpillar is a fiber paste, whicht I then painted on with water colour and acrylics.

This is my first leather journal! I'm so happy :D We found a ton of leather at home, so that was a perfect opportunity. I tore each paper by hand to give the paper a Deckle Edge (I didn't have hand-made paper) and I quite like the result.
The edge of the leather was already like that and I decided to leave it like that.

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